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The latest news regarding the items on this site, including news on the publication of Epiphytes and EpiSheets.

Woodworking Tools and Information

For information on Record Woodworking tools click here.

For information Marples Woodworking tools click here.

See the special planes page for something different in plane design.

A plane sharpening and cleaning service is available.

Old woodworking tools are available from time to time.  Click the here for latest list.  A email list is also available at intervals - email to subscribe

Current Available Publications:

Epiphytes - Journal of the Epiphytic Plant Study Group

A journal published by the Epiphytic Plant Study Group since 1981 specialising in the epiphytic cacti.   If you are interested in epiphytic cacti, such as Christmas cacti, Epicacti, Easter cacti then join the Epiphytic Plant Study Group and get four journals per year and many other benefits.

Edited by J.F. Horobin.  Publication Dates : February, May, August and November

Sample article from November 1999 issue
(More samples coming soon).

Publication List

Full publication list, including Epiphytes will be available here shortly.


Covers attractive epiphytic plants with photographs by J.F. Horobin.  Published quarterly, alternating with Epiphytes.

Christmas Cacti - by A.J.S. McMillan and J. F. Horobin

The only major publication covering all aspects of the genus Schlumbergera.  

I have a few copies of this unique publication left if anybody is interested.

Christmas Cacti - A Collection of articles by J.F. Horobin

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Plant Software

Click here for details on computer software for plants, including the new database program EpiViewer. 

Also coming soon a new Schlumbergera database program.  Click here to email for details.

Other Software Products

Incident Reporting and Analysis

Plant Interests:

Christmas Cacti Breeding

Tree interests - Gingko biloba

Vegetable Breeding - more information shortly.

For latest plant list click here.

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